Conduit and Mercado Bitcoin - Our Next Accelerator Round 2 Pilot Project

Jun 27, 2023
Conduit and Mercado Bitcoin joined forces during Round 2 of the Next Accelerator in Brazil to develop an exciting product that allows the MB Energy Token to be accessed by an international user base.

We are happy to announce that this partnership between Conduit and Mercado Bitcoin opens up new avenues for fintechs outside of Brazil that want to allow users to grow their wealth with alternative tokenized assets.

At Conduit, we believe that innovative partnerships have become key to driving global accessibility of financial products and providing diverse investment opportunities through digital assets and blockchain technology. The Next Accelerator program gave us the opportunity to showcase our infrastructure to potential partners in Brazil, and find ways that we could assist them in distributing their products to a wider audience.

Considering our passion for tokenized real world assets, partnering with Mercado Bitcoin to help distribute their MB Energy Token was a natural fit. The MB Energy Token is a yield instrument backed by electricity trading contracts in Brazil. It has a pre-defined volume and price to be charged by the trading company. It offers a fixed 18% annual percentage yield (APY), denominated in Brazilian Reals.

With the Conduit and Mercado Bitcoin partnership, this unique token can easily be made accessible to investors outside of Brazil through the Conduit API – enabling them to diversify their portfolios and explore opportunities in the alternative asset space.

Alternative tokenized assets have gained significant traction among users seeking diverse investment options beyond traditional markets. These assets, built on blockchain technology, offer enhanced access, increased transparency and the potential for higher returns. The MB Energy Token is a perfect example of these features, providing a compelling investment opportunity for those looking to explore the world of tokenized assets.

All of us at Conduit had a great time working with Mercado Bitcoin throughout Round 2 of the Next program. We look forward to launching the product live for our users in the near future and continuing our collaboration.