Endless Composability

Mix and match components from our infrastructure using a single API to build amazing DeFi products unique to your strategy.


The Conduit API makes creating accounts for users simple. We work through the compliance, regulation and KYC/KYB requirements, so you don't have to.

Account Management

Instantly create customer accounts as needed. Each account receives a unique account number and can be managed separately.
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Asset Pools

Pools provide an abstraction over the different mechanisms Conduit offers, on top of the basic asset custody functionality.
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Track customer balances, interest, and transactions in real time, while serving as your book of record.
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Integrate our DeFi yield strategies into your product, curated to only include protocols evaluated for security, transparency, liquidity and APY.

Stablecoin Yield

Launch an interest-bearing stablecoin account, yielding 3-6% APY.
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Configurable Yield

Easily allow different yields for different users or products, enabling higher-earning accounts or loyalty programs.
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On & off-ramps

Automatically convert local fiat from an expanding list of countries into stablecoins pegged 1:1 to USD or Euro. Keep your users engaged by avoiding sending them off-app.

Deposit Fiat

Allow users to seamlessly convert fiat from Brazil, Colombia & Mexico into stablecoins.
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Withdraw Fiat

Enable automatic off-ramps to supported fiat currencies.
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Utilize fast on-chain transactions to enable convenient funding, payment and asset management options for your users.

Send Stablecoins

Let users send stablecoins like USDC or EUROC to any ethereum wallet.
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Deposit Stablecoins

Link users' existing hot wallets to enable easy deposits to your product.
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