Frequently Asked Questions


How can you offer higher yields?
Conduit partners with regulated cryptocurrency lenders and uses decentralized finance protocols. With lending, funds are placed on platforms that generate yield from institutional borrowers. Some of the interest paid by borrowers is then shared with those who supply capital (also referred to as liquidity), paid out in stablecoins like USDC. With DeFi protocols, instead of a centralized platform, funders put value in an automated liquidity pool that collects fees for transactions and rewards the liquidity providers. 
Are accounts FDIC insured?
Even though treasury securities are not covered by federal deposit insurance, payments of interest and principal (including redemption proceeds) on those securities
that are deposited to an investor's deposit account at an insured depository institution ARE covered by FDIC insurance up to the $250,000 limit. And even though there is no federal insurance on Treasury securities, they are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government - the strongest guarantee you can get.
Are there any restrictions on deposits?
Deposits of cryptocurrency are unlimited. Deposits of fiat currency (US Dollar or Euro) are limited by payment method. Deposits via wires are unlimited, but deposits of fiat currency via ACH transfers or SEPA are limited based on your weekly bank transfer limit.


Can my users link their existing hot wallet  to receive payouts and fund their wallet?
Funds can be sent from and withdrawn to any compatible ethereum wallet linked to the user account.
Does Conduit offer vaults through a custodian?
We offer vaults via Fireblocks and disaster recovery via Coincover.
How fast is the crypto to fiat cashout process?
Transfer time ranges from 60 seconds to a few hours, based on the payment rails available in the area.
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