January 20, 2023

Getting started in the Conduit Sandbox

What is the Conduit Sandbox?

The Conduit Sandbox offers the perfect starting point for building and testing your use case.

Our sandbox development environment gives you access to the full power of the Conduit API without live funds or users. This allows you to start building fast, using simulated transactions, without the added difficulty and regulatory pressure of transacting with fiat or crypto.

Plus, sandbox access is available without passing KYC / KYB, so you can start building without delays.

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How to use the Conduit Sandbox

After receiving your API keys, you can start making authenticated calls to our API using Postman or Curl. Check out our Getting Started guide for more information.

Once you’ve started making authenticated requests to the Conduit API, you’re ready to start building our your use case in a powerful test environment.

In addition to the standard functionality of our API, such as creating and managing accounts for users, the Conduit sandbox features helpful simulations so that you can test how your integration works from end to end.

This Sandbox-only functionality includes simulated transactions with fiat and crypto, so you can test features such as:

  • Depositing and withdrawing fiat during on and off-ramp transactions
  • Withdrawing assets to an external blockchain-based wallet
  • Depositing assets using a blockchain-based push transaction
  • And more

See the full list of Sandbox-only functionality here.

What does the Conduit Sandbox cost to use?

Building in the Conduit Sandbox is always free. There is no set up cost and no subscription fee. Just get your API Keys and start building.

Even when you’re ready to launch, there is no upfront cost to bringing your use case into a live environment. Our platform features usage-based pricing, so no payment is required until your product is live.

Contact our sales team today for more information on pricing.

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